Tuesday, February 7, 2012

your ecards

for a short while now I've been trolling reddit, and have taken to collecting the funniest ecards I come across there and various other places on the web. here are a few, hope you enjoy them!


 GOD! "facebook stalking" is never fun when it happens to you, but it is still very much alive and thriving with a lot of people I know and went to school with. but just to get things straight, social networking started with myspace, not facebook.

 this latter social networking card is probably the only reason I still have a facebook, not to put other people down but sometimes it's interesting to see the daily gripes of people who seem to be swirling in the toilet bowl of society and REFUSE to see the light and climb out, just enjoying the ride. side note to the haters, no body fucking cares about your dumb cheating boyfriend, stop flooding my feed with your grime cuz it's not gonna evoke sympathy just giggles

haters gonna hate, plain and simple nig

rings true for my life, but living in socal it shouldn't be as hard as it is, holler if you feel me girls / raise the rood lulz :(

 STORY OF MY FUCKING LIFE!!  *spell check its tomorrow not tommorrow

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