Friday, February 3, 2012

turn my business lady swag on

I know in the past few months (or more) I've been lagging on posting to my blog and updating the interwebz on my various fun activities but I am here to say that in 2012 I promise to be a bit more vigilante in posting. So jumping things off this year, I've started an internship with BET, meaning I would need to dust off my business casual attire and look presentable to corporate america and "the industry." This gives me a better chance to get back to my lookbook. Let's do this!

Feb 3rd outfit: Mossimo turtleneck, Charlotte Russe camisole, Gap Skirt, DTLA boots, & Forever 21 Sweater

quick photo shoot with my bff before our long days in school and work(note the cute little confused dog in the bottom of the frame)

view of the quad and my lovely corner desk

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