Tuesday, September 13, 2011


a little more than a year ago i coerced my bff Laura to join me for one of my (and her) first ed banger/french touch shows. we hurried over to the key club in separate cars and convened 4 blocks below sunset to make the walk to the venue together and discuss the exciting show we were about to see. we got there with enough time to sip beers and chill before Carte Blanche went on. not only did the performance surpass my expectations, it also gave me a chance to experience a monumental amount of fun with someone i cherish meeting everyday. we took away from the show hearts filled with joy, ears ringing, and pockets filled with awesome memories.

so with a heavy heart, i woke this morning to find news that 1/2 of Carte Blanche, DJ Mehdi had passed away. I will always hold dear the memories of that show, of dancing my ass off with Laura, of waking up the next morning with ears still ringing and a smile on my face. RIP DJ MEHDI! RIP CARTE BLANCHE! VIVE LA ED BANGER!

my video footage from that night:

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