Monday, August 22, 2011

errbody's getting famous these days

what happened to the good old days where riff raff used to post videos? now that he's in LA it seems as though he's def not posting as much as he used to. whats the deal? are all of his people on the eastern seaboard? does no one own a viable camera in la la land? has riff raff lost his cool? it seems one, if not all of those questions are kind of important. but whats important to me is why this hayden boobies guy all of a sudden thinks the video game has been passed to him. he puts catchy titles on his work so they pop up and now it seems whenever i search for riff raff sodmg on youtube, this bros shit comes up. wtf bro, are you new riff raff? are you riding the coat tails of someone who prefers shrimp tails? do you think that people will like you more if you rep your h00d as texas just like party mc hardy? why is your singing voice your speaking voice? just keep making videos where you're sipping on an ICEE (hollerrrrr) and like your comments said, hit up the pony pack nigga... whatever that means

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