Thursday, February 17, 2011

Magic, Jack

Went to the Magic Castle last weekend. It was an amazing time.  If you have a magician friend who is a member, you should ask them to take you there (cause that's pretty much the only way you can go, is with an invite).  You can find the Magic Castle on the corner of Orange & Franklin in Hollywood.

I also went to a launch party for You Don't Know Jack a few weeks ago at the H-Wood.  It was a real nice lounge, with both an indoor and an outdoor seating area.  The party itself was amazing, with a DJ, lots of people, a live webcast of the party, and a few stations where you could play You Don't Know Jack on the PS3.  You can find H-Wood on Orange in Hollywood, just to the west of the Kodak theater.

Check out both locations!

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