Tuesday, June 29, 2010

taisez vous

there never seems to be enough time in the day to do the things i need to. i've been trying to work on my graphic designs, write for a newspaper, get ready for school in a few days all whilst working a 9 to 5 at cbs. i'm now feeling a bit stretched thin. i barely have time to think of what i need to work on next let alone what i have been putting on the back burner. I'M READY FOR SCHOOL!! i'm ready to go back to my careless lifestyle and learning all day with peers who hate on my shine :) i enjoy working in the corporate world but it's a bit too much for me since i don't have a degree and i'm not where i want to be. it'd be awesome to come back to it but i'd like to be a bit higher than a grunion next time. T MINUS 6 DAYS TO BLAST OFF (SSSCCCHHHOOOOOOLLL!!)
[culver city volleyball sweatshirt, pink american apparel thermal, white boyfriend 501's, red orange white dunks] @CBS TVC

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