Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday=Game Day

Yup, Sunday is game day at Full Moon...Cribbage, Rummikub (Romanian style), Scrabble, What's Your Like, Worse Case Scenario, etc...we got them and play them on Sundays...For pairings, I must admit the best thing is to feed your opponent(s) Pomar Junction Viognier...they won't know what hit them and stop seeing those 15s....For Rummikub, depending on how many games you play I would suggest the Maloy O'Neill-2005 Essere Grato (Anglianco, Sangiovese and Syrah) or the Maloy O'Neill-2005 Cab Sauv (Windy Hill)...As for food, cheese plates are always in, especially with the smoke salmon from Ruddel's Smokehouse and served with Hoppe's fresh bread.

Dress code: Business Casual
Abercrombie skirt with leggings and knee high riding style boots, black top and a green shawl

Cayucos all day!

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