Monday, June 28, 2010

Romanian lesson

My friend Eliana insists that one must know how to say
I must admit all those shh's sounds pretty cool...
When it comes to wine its quite simple: Vin (which also is imperative for the verb a veni-to come, making it I'M COMING!)
I love when things in different languages mean the same and how they get lost in translation
Can you imagine: Un pahar de vin=A glass of coming....

Anyhow, the best wine from my general area (Dobrogea) tends to be Muscat Ottonel...and if you are one of those that likes their wine on the sweeter side, this would definitely be palate pleasing to you.

June gloom is in full effect in Cayucos today, but the ocean is still looking dolphin/whale/shark sightings today.

Work attire: Quite casual
Az-hi-az-i-am top with long gold/copper sweater and too superlow levi's and green sneaker style boots

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