Tuesday, June 22, 2010


is it me or is la the only place you can find more people taping a riot, than actually participating in the rioting? i saw more illuminated screens than times square, why not drop the phone/camera and RAGE! lol what happened to all out mayhem? how can one fully vent if there are a million other people filming it? this brings up a great point, to film or not to film? is the shot worth missing out on the camaraderie in chaos? for me, there is a line drawn at what i allow myself to do and what i want to document. this wouldn't be one, and now the los angeles fire department is asking the community for help identify the culprits (some snitches don't end up in stitches.) which will lead to arrests becaude the police not only have evidence you were there but your face on multiple cameras that taped the havoc. to me that's solid evidence, that stupidity + lakers + alcohol + video capabilities x los angeles = GROUP EPIC FAIL!

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