Wednesday, June 30, 2010

i'd rather be home playing gta vice city, fair enough?

i thoroughly enjoyed going to el torito last night with laura liz and mihaela (respectfully listed alphabetically) and pictures are below. is was a typical crazily crowded semi ghetto situation leaving me to be perceived as  a spectacle to all of the people within the restaurant. my mom says it has something to do with my glasses (i don't believe it LOL) and when i surround myself with people who are built up on vanity. but what i can't discern is why is there a need to have vanity be the sole quality you judge a person by? i must admit at times my hair isn't fully brushed or my clothes don't fit right or match and sometimes i don't wear a bra. it's all good tho right? if i don't give a fuck about what i'm wearing, why should you? i hope you have other things to worry about other than the fact that my socks don't match right? cuz where is there a rule that says socks have to match. if its not written i don't have to abide by it, and even if it is written i don't have to abide by anyones rules but my own. HHHHOOOOLLLLLLLLLAAAAAA!!
[gray hanes sweatshirt, kanyes new work out plan screened tee, dickies girl shorts, american apparel socks and black purple and starred dunks] @ CBS TVC


  1. I love it.. Just keep being my AWESOME CaliLover and the rest is history <3

  2. LOVE IT!!!!!!! what an experience.....