Saturday, June 26, 2010

I love wine

It has been a long day at work (Full Moon Wine Bar) and yes even thought i work in a beautiful location and get to enjoy great wine, does not mean I do not work hard.
Anyhow, lots of great customers in today, all very pleasant and in a spending mood as well. Lately it has been more of a tasting room status, where I open bottles, do tastings and people end up buying what they liked.
The new 2008 Carignan from Ranchero Cellars, as well as the 2008 Chrome (Grenache Blanc, Roussanne blend) from the same winemaker are going fantabulous. It seems that the red suits the customers who like smooth wines, as well as those who mostly indulge in the big, bold types.
As for work attire, it was professional day today (minus my hair that tends to be frizz master these days).
I love Cayucos...Coolest small town in America

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